The International Platform of NFT GreenArt Coin is enriching the Repertoire of its collection of Works of Art by the Greatest Classical and Contemporary Masters. It was announced the publication and sale of two works by the Master Renato Guttuso, one of the greatest exponents of pictorial Neorealism and presence of strong importance in the history of Italian Art of the twentieth century. A central figure in the debate on the relationship between Art and Society, which in the post-war period significantly accompanied a large section of his journey: from “The miner” to “Table, chairs with demijohns and bottles”, both of 1959.

Recently the NFT Greenart Coin Platform has created and put on sale the NFT of the work “Portrait of a Woman” (1960), the third work by the artist Renato Guttuso exhibited in the NFT GreenArt Coin Platform.

Drawings on paper have values between €800 and € “For almost twenty years, the master’s rise on the national art market has continued unabated. Since the mid-70s prices have increased about six times; to give an example in 1977 a work of 80 by 70 centimeters, from 1958, was judged for nine million by the Milanese auction house Finarte. Currently a similar painting reaches sixty million without difficulty”; so in forecast terms in a few years their value could undergo a strong increase, in parallel with the NFT market, their value as we know can reach an exponential growth, since this market, as we mentioned in previous releases, has reached a strong increase in the last 2 years and does not seem to stop.

We propose an interview with Maria Grazia Brunini, artist and author of the work “Demetra – Mother Earth” recently exhibited at the Rome Biennale. His figure is particular because his art is placed halfway between the representation of imaginary contents full of references and innovation. In Italy Brunini is in fact the pioneer of the Green Art Coin project (GAC), NFT platform that connects artists and collectors allowing the use of works digitally and in completely new contexts.

How did you get to know NFTs?

Today there is talk everywhere about these tokens, which represent the new frontier of the digital art market. Some artists who have not yet joined the realization of NFT think that they represent something abstract, but this is not the case. “Non-Fungible Tokens” can be associated with some resource, sculpture, illustration, video, song, teet The City of Milan has transformed the Arch of Peace into NFT. And it’s just an example.

Is that why you thought of turning one of your works into NFT?

I have been following the path of experimentation for several years, but I have always interpreted digital technology as something separate from the creative artistic process. I had to recover when I saw the exam professor Sgarbi, which I had the pleasure of knowing at some exhibitions, promoting Italian art through the new frontier of NFT. Precisely because of his competence I ventured to NFTs with confidence. In addition, the NFT becomes a certificate of ownership and authenticity registered within the blockchain. What artist would not want his art to circulate freely around the world, with all the legal security that an NFT can offer?

There are numerous NFT platforms in circulation: what convinced you to rely on Green Art Coin?

The availability of artists. I was welcomed and accompanied in every step with simplicity. Not least, the free offer for the realization of NFTs. Furthermore, through the realization and sale of NFTs on the GreenArt Coin platform, which is also the first ethical cryptocurrency in the world, it contributes to the financing of projects for the protection of the Planet and the weakest categories.

You was the first artist of the Rome Biennale to have created the NFT of her evocative Work of Art “Demetra-Mother Earth 2021”. Would you recommend this artistic path to your colleagues?

With regard to the Rome Biennale, I would like to thank President Giuseppe Chiovaro for the opportunity given to me and for supporting the dissemination of the presentation event and the involvement of the artists present. It was an enthusiastic experience, which I would recommend without anything else to my fellow artists.

Presented in Rome at the archaeological area of the Domitian Stadium, during the review of the events scheduled by the Biennale, Green Art Coin (GAC), the first ethical cryptocurrency that is also an NFT platform for artists and collectors. During the event, Maria Grazia Brunini’s impact work “Demetra, Mother Earth” (2021) was presented. GAC is the first ethical cryptocurrency because for each transaction carried out it automatically returns a percentage to dozens of solidarity projects for the fight against poverty, environmental protection and biodiversity, for the protection of the oceans and much more.