The only crypto that improves

50% of the fees are donated
automatically and verifiably
to charities that protect
environment and quality of life


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Algorithm in action

Our algorithm automatically holds a fee that devolves to one of the 25 associations present in the Charity Wallet

Support solidarity projects

We support dozens of projects for the protection of the Planet, for the fight against poverty, for the health of the Oceans and much more.

what we do

There is nothing more beautiful than a good deed

Those who turn their works into NFTs with the GreenArt Coin platform and those who invest in GAC contribute to financing projects for the protection of the Planet and the weakest categories.

about greenart coin

This is why we are a crypto ethical

“Every action in our lives, even the smallest, is responsible for the beauty or ugliness of the world.
(Augusto Daolio)

getting started

Watch the video “GreenArt Coin for the protection of the Planet”

Investing in GAC allows you to aim for high profits and to finance in a certain and transparent way institutions that contribute to the improvement of the environment and quality of life.

Our added value

Those who use GreenArt Coin for any transaction contribute to the support of various solidarity projects and for the protection of the environment. Each transaction subject to commission is captured by the algorithm, which automatically sends the sums withheld to the green project. All daily donations for each non-profit organization and project are visible and traceable.

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Solidale

energy saving

The Green Crypto

GreenArt Coin is not mined like other cryptocurrencies: in this way it also allows you to save electricity