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Conversion of Saint Paul

Ercole Procaccini il Vecchio - Token #2022111100006

Daniel in the lion's den


Portrait of a man


Putti Fight

G.F. Barbieri

The tokens of the best artists ever

On blockchain Caravaggio and Rubens

GreenArt Coin is the first platform to have turned a Caravaggio work into NFT. This is the famous painting “David with the head of Goliath”, from about 1609. In the catalogue there are also works by Masters such as Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, Emilio Vedova and Renato Guttuso.
With the token you receive a canvas print of the work of art with references of the NFT contract and blockchain registration code.

With GAC everyone can become a Collector

The Art Market is quite closed: investing in collecting, buying and selling masterpieces, takes time and a lot of money. Blockchain has revolutionized many industries, and one of them is collecting. With the purchase of an NFT you don’t buy a material asset, but there are more chances to sell the work of art in a short time. You can earn a lot. Someone will remember the story of Vignesh Sundaresan, who bought the NFT of the opera “The Last 5000 Days” from Beeple. It may sound crazy, but Sundaresan will make money every time that digital file is resold or exposed, forever.

Patron of the future

The Revolution
of the Metaverse

In the future, exhibitions of works of art will not be held only in museums and galleries. Digital haunts like the Metaverse will be a new frontier. In the online exhibitions every artist and every collector who owns NFT will exhibit his works, earning a profit from anyone who admires them.

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Three artworks by the Master of Neorealism

Limited time offer

Guttuso - token #20221110700003

Guttuso - token #20221110700005

Guttuso - token #20221110700004

token #2022111100002

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