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Buy GAC in Presale or ICO means investing at the initial price and securing higher capital growth potential.


Stakeholders have the right of pre-emption in auctions: they can request the purchase at the base price avoiding the auction. In case of equal offer take precedence over others.


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Guaranteed profit deposit plans are reserved for Stakeholders.


GreenArt Coin is compatible with major Wallet of cryptocurrency.


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Investing in GAC can make profits and finances in a certain and transparent way institutions that contribute to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life of all.

If you buy GreenArt Coin in the ICO phase (Initial Coin Offering) you invest at the initial price and ensure a higher capital growth potential.

GreenArt Coin has several advantages over other crypto and platforms: it allows holders to participate in exclusive auctions of works of art by emerging artists internationally. GAC also contributes to the restoration of monuments and works of art. Fund credible solidarity organizations.

The price of Presale is 0,05 €. The listing price is set at 0,08 €. The total offer is 50 million. This offer is limited to 5 million GAC. Private Sale and ICO buyers are entitled to the benefits and rewards of stakeholders.

Of course: GreenArt Coin is ISO Anti-Crime certified and is anchored to durable goods such as works of Art.

The symbol of the GreenArt Coin token is “GAC”. The network is Binance (BSC). The total offer of GAC is 200,000,000, the crypto in circulation is 55,000,000. You can check the GAC Smart Contract at this link.

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