The fourteenth edition of the International Art Biennale of Rome will take place from 10 to 19 September 2022 at the Domitian Museum (Piazza Navona). The Biennale was born with the desire to represent a valid moment of encounter between heterogeneous artistic realities, also involving international structures. Emerging and professional painters and sculptors, extensively describe the current international artistic scene. The two-fold aim of the exhibition is to give artists the opportunity to communicate messages of creativity and peace to each other and to offer to the national and international public that will come to Rome moments of satisfaction and reflection.

The Biennale will represent a meeting point between the multiplicity of artistic languages and the universality of art. Art has always been a high factor of civilization as a bearer of authentic human values and expression of the most genuine freedoms of man, freed from linguistic, ethnic, cultural and historical barriers. The project includes the participation of Italian and foreign artists, as representatives of different art forms.

This allows us to identify the current lines of artistic research in the plastic and pictorial field. All the works present are the tangible testimony of an analytical line of research to contemporary artistic production, supported by the need for a critical verification of the means of representations and expression. The event also tends to highlight the different levels of articulation of visual languages. Among the scheduled events, also the presentation of the ethical cryptocurrency and NFT platform GreenArt Coin, which represents a profound renewal for the art market.

The Biennale is intended as an incentive to culture, but also as a message to the community for peace among peoples, for the proper protection of nature and a conscious commitment to art and brotherhood. The participants of the Biennale, many of them foreign artists, love peace and in this cultural context they want to be part of this universal project.