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GreenArt Coin is the first ethical cryptocurrency and
NFTs platform for artists, collectors and investors.

  1. Our mission

We help 25 associations that are good for the Planet and people

Our NFTs are related to globally recognized and
certified works of art from private collections and
art galleries.

Why ethical cryptocurrency? For each transaction,
GreenArt Coin automatically donates a percentage to
the solidarity associations donate through the
automatic platform “The Giving Block”

who we are

We and our headquarters

GreenArt Coin Ltd is a product of Bancor Trust Asset Management, a company authorized to manage investments and and digital assets. It is authorized by the Central Bank of the Czech Republic and the OAM, the supervisory body of the Bank of Italy and the Ministry of Finance.

GreenArt Coin Ltd, company n° 13734529, is based in London, in the district of Kensington and is currently applying for registration with the Financial Conduct Authority

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Presentation of GreenArt Coin

Our cryptocurrency and NFT platform for artists, collectors and investors was presented to the public on November 19, 2022 in Rome. The event, included in the appointments of the Biennial of Rome, was held at the archaeological area of the Domitian Stadium.

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