Binance Custody, a regulated and compliant institutional digital asset custodian, today announced the official launch of Binance Mirror, its off-exchange settlement solution enabling institutions to access trading and investment products within the Binance Exchange ecosystem without having to post collateral directly on the exchange.

Through Binance Mirror, institutions lock a specified amount of their asset balance available in their Qualified Wallet, Binance Custody’s cold storage solution, and mirror it onto their Binance Exchange account with a 1:1 balance. Their assets remain secure in their segregated cold wallet for as long as their Mirror position remains open on the Binance Exchange, which can be settled at any time.

Adoption and use cases for Binance Mirror grew significantly in the last quarter of 2022 with a 67% increase in assets mirrored from Binance Custody to the Binance Exchange. In total, assets in Binance Mirror account for more than 60% of all assets currently secured on Binance Custody.