The Transformation of GOYA Artwork into a Philanthropic NFT In an unprecedented event, Greenart Coin (www.greenartcoin.eu/marketplace) announces the launch and commercialization of NFTs based on an important classical artwork from 1795 titled “Portrait Bust of the Gentle Matador Pedro Romero” by GOYA. THE WORLD’S FIRST NFT on a masterpiece by the great master GOYA. Until now, it was not possible to have access to classical masterpieces in the digital market. Thanks to the work of the Greenart Coin NFT platform, it is now possible to acquire tokens of works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Guttuso, Caravaggio… The verification of the authenticity of each NFT through blockchain technology has contributed to the increasing popularity and reliability of this methodology. The current price for the magnificent Goya masterpiece amounts to 12,707,039.1 euros, equivalent to 13,902,897.000$ in dollars. The artwork has been insured and appraised with a value ranging between 12,707,039.1 and 13,900,000.00 euros. Greenart Coin has introduced a groundbreaking method: whenever an NFT is sold, a portion of the transaction fees is automatically set aside by the algorithm and donated to humanitarian and environmental projects. This ensures that every NFT purchase has an ethical aspect, directly benefiting charitable causes. In addition to owning a one-of-a-kind digital artwork, buying an NFT becomes a concrete way for investors to support initiatives that make a positive difference in society and the environment. Buyers can easily track their contributions through blockchain technology. One of the NFTs of this Goya artwork is participating in the “A DRAWING THAT CHANGES THE WORLD” project with an incredibly generous act. This NFT, which holds significant value as a unique digital artwork, will donate 100% of its earnings to the charitable organizations listed on the donation verification panel (www.greenartcoin.eu/charity).Miss. Benedetta Guidi Head of Digitalized Art Division, Greenart Coin Tel. +39 3348481059 Email: [email protected]