The International Platform of NFT GreenArt Coin is enriching the Repertoire of its collection of Works of Art by the Greatest Classical and Contemporary Masters. It was announced the publication and sale of two works by the Master Renato Guttuso, one of the greatest exponents of pictorial Neorealism and presence of strong importance in the history of Italian Art of the twentieth century. A central figure in the debate on the relationship between Art and Society, which in the post-war period significantly accompanied a large section of his journey: from “The miner” to “Table, chairs with demijohns and bottles”, both of 1959.Recently the NFT Greenart Coin Platform has created and put on sale the NFT of the work “Portrait of a Woman” (1960), the third work by the artist Renato Guttuso exhibited in the NFT GreenArt Coin Platform.Drawings on paper have values between €800 and € “For almost twenty years, the master’s rise on the national art market has continued unabated. Since the mid-70s prices have increased about six times; to give an example in 1977 a work of 80 by 70 centimeters, from 1958, was judged for nine million by the Milanese auction house Finarte. Currently a similar painting reaches sixty million without difficulty”; so in forecast terms in a few years their value could undergo a strong increase, in parallel with the NFT market, their value as we know can reach an exponential growth, since this market, as we mentioned in previous releases, has reached a strong increase in the last 2 years and does not seem to stop.