We are experiencing a profound economic and social transformation. Everywhere, in industry, in small and medium-sized production, sales and service companies, in schools and universities, interactive information on the Internet is changing the way of working, learning, living, maintaining mutual relationships and extend relations with the rest of the world; in perspective the above will be subject to a further acceleration of development through the integration between the internet and the blockchain, in short the world of cryptocurrencies. CRIPTOPOINT by GREENART COIN are the main interpreters of this trend having applied it to the “ethical net economy”.In fact, the “ethical net-economy” reduces the uncertainty and risks of the electronic market that arise in the expansion of the market in an area of ​​international competition, but at the same time raises the entry threshold for the activation of physical sales points where one goes and you know your interlocutor, it is not an anonymous or obscure PC screen. Due to their particular nature, cryptocurrencies require the addition of elements of verifiability and reliability that only physical stores can offer. GREENART COIN understood this well and decided to distribute its wealth of knowledge to a network. Franchising represents a method of transparent development of the distribution and marketing of goods and services in the cryptocurrency sector which aims to increase the economy of scale on an ethical basis, both by increasing its power of diffusion of the brand common to the affiliates (today GREENART COIN is the most widespread brand in the world of NFTs and ethical cryptocurrencies), which by integrating expenses and organization logistics (advertising, community, game to earn, charity, tc…), and therefore is already structurally prepared , in the current situation of growth in the complexity of the development of “BtC” relationships, to be a favored commercial organization in the process of insertion into the electronic market ( brought into direct contact with the consumer. In fact, Franchisor (franchisor) and Franchisees (affiliates) of GREENART COIN already represent a distribution network for sales on the basis of a common brand, consequently precisely due to this organizational predisposition of the negotiation and agreement operations of the “BtC- of franchising”, the franchisees are extremely facilitated in entering physical commerce. Evidence of what has been said is the fact that franchising networking, i.e. the “Franchise – net”, is achieving considerable success in the United States of America. Nowadays the “Franchise-net”, applied to blockchain oriented shops, is successful, as it manages to expand more rapidly in the BtC market, in particular giving development to the small and medium niche markets Companies operating in multiple product and service sectors applied to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, which use a methodology capable, such as the “franchising” of physical stores, of expanding economies of scale by acting in the expansion of the cryptocurrency market with a “cloning- decentralized” of the mother module of GREENART COIN (already ethically evolved in the WWW and replicable in the physical world), an operation that strongly reduces the risk of using large capital, drawing the know-how from the Franchisor or from the shared infrastructure consortium of the “Franchise- net” and using the most appropriate strategies to strengthen the brand thanks to charitable initiatives and numerous sponsoring charitable organizations at an international level.Opening a shop, in the first franchising network in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain oriented services, today means knowing how to read the future of the business. Feedback